Brunchs at the Domaine départemental de Chamarande

Brunchs at the Domaine départemental de Chamarande

During the summer season, in connection with the exhibition ” Milieux” and the live performance program ” Scènes croisées”, a new cycle of meetings and debates will be held with the ” Brunchs de Chamarande”. Meet artists, discuss with philosophers and writers, exchange with scientists who seek to reappropriate the knowledge of the living, to rethink the relationship of man to nature and society, this is the time of sustainable breathing that is now proposed! Every Sunday, in the heart of the garden, this collective open-air laboratory is set up, led by a professional, surrounded by two or three guests. To be enjoyed without moderation…

– Sunday June 2nd

Art as a lever for environmental awareness
Guests: Liliana Motta, artist-botanist producing a work for Milieux, and Nathalie Blanc, geopoet working on environmental aesthetics
Moderator: Clément Willemin, co-founder of COAL
Extend the brunch with Liliana Motta: discover her project to rehabilitate the forest edges of the Chamarande Estate

– Sunday, June 9

The imaginary of the territory on the fringe of the urban space
Guests: Paul Ardenne, contemporary art critic, specialist in art in urban space, Dalila Ladjal, member of the Marseilles association SAFI (of the Sense, the Audacity, the Fantasy and the Imagination), and Nicolas Milhé, artist of the “aesthetics of the disturbance and the contextual creation” producing a work for Environment
Moderator: Loïc Fel, co-founder of COAL
Extend the brunch with Nicolas Milhé: what is this animal that appears at the corner of a villa?

– Sunday June 16th

Utopian installations of “sustainable” artistic creation
Guests: Étienne de France and Suzanne Husky, two young visual artists producing work for Milieux
Moderator: Jean-Marc Adolphe, director of the cultural magazine Movement
Extend the brunch with Etienne de France, artist in residence at Chamarande: cross the bridge leading to the island and explore a tree city, landscape observatory and space of freedom / Walk through the large meadow of the Jardin Fantôme with Suzanne Husky / Taste Christophe Clottes’ herb soup

– Sunday, June 23rd
Is there such a thing as social justice? Human rights as a development factor

Guests: Sylvain Gouraud, artist-photographer, former resident at Chamarande (2012) whose photographic workshop has been located at the Fleury-Mérogis prison since 2010, and Sylvain Maresca, university professor at the University of Nantes in social sciences and author of books on the links between photography, image and social sciences
Moderator: Jean-Pierre Chretien-Goni, lecturer at the Centre national des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) and artistic director of the shared creation space Le Vent se lève (Paris, 19th arrondissement)
Extend the brunch with Sylvain Gouraud: visit the exhibition Image(s) en prison at the Essonne Departmental Archives

– Sunday June 30th

Towards an art of experience: artistic mobilization of citizens
Guests: Roger Bernat, Catalan director, instigator of devices where the audience occupies the stage and becomes the main character, and Brandon Ballengée, American artist-researcher ecologist, resident at Chamarande (2012-2013), exhibited at the castle for Milieux
Moderator: Jean-Marc Adolphe, director of the cultural magazine Mouvement
Attend the departure of the march of Stephen of France to Burgundy. His challenge: to reach the village of Marmeaux by moving only from woods to forests… / Extend the brunch with Brandon Ballengée: exchange around the works presented at the castle and continue with an eco-action in the wetlands of the Domain / Meet in the afternoon, at 3pm and 5pm, Roger Bernat and take part in the show Domini pùblic

– Sunday, July 7th

Archiving an endangered tree, an ephemeral heritage: the purple beech of Chamarande
Guests: François Giard, retired from the Office National des Forêts, specialist of the trees of the Domaine de Chamarande, and two professionals of ecology and science
Moderator: Julien Rastegard, scientific mediator, association Bar des sciences (Paris)

– Sunday, July 14

Renewing the threads of memory: “I think of you
Guests: Frank Smith, writer, author of images and sounds, editor, founding director of the collection “Zagzig” at Dis Voir, with reading interludes by the French actress Garance Clavel
Moderator: Laurent Bourdereau, Director of the Domaine départemental de Chamarande
Extend the brunch with Frank Smith: discover the restitution of his residency “I think of you” at the orangery.

Meeting point at the water buffet, from 11:30 am to 1 pm
All public


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