COAL is a partner of the FESTIVAL VIVANT of TEK4life. See you at AgroParisTech on October 10 for Les Semailles to make common cause with Life!

Around Navi Radjou, promoter of frugal innovation and Augustin Berque, geographer Cosmos Prize 2018, committed actors came to testify to the compasses that reconnect us to living, conviviality and regeneration. A dynamic to associate all those who convert or want to adjust their ways of life or production to the dynamics of living.

The future is not written but it is clearly threatened. The collapse of the living world and of democratic societies is no longer improbable. However, our time seems to be turning around: the limits of life are no longer seen as obstacles to overcome but as sources of inspiration. Biocontrol in the fields, stimulation of the microbiota in our digestive tracts, molecular factories for chemistry and medicine, waste recovery… all sorts of “nature-based solutions” show that we can make living organisms our allies, our compass: guarantors of planetary balances, they allow us to reinvent our modes of production, consumption and even our lifestyles.
The FESTIVAL VIVANT is an immersion in the new possibilities generated “by and with” the living. These dynamics are proposed by citizen groups, farmers, industrialists and investors, researchers or students, artists or designers, political leaders or associative and union activists who wish to contribute to new ways of being in the world, and to make them bear fruit.
The FESTIVAL VIVANT is conceived in two moments:
To involve all those who convert or want to adjust their way of life or production
to the dynamics of life.
THE TIME OF GERMINATION April 2 and 3, 2020
To experiment with action synergies and levers for socio-economic reconfiguration.

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SOWING ON OCTOBER 10, 2019 FROM 1:30 TO 8:00 PM

Around Navi Radjou, promoter of frugal innovation, Eric SoubeiranDanone’s Vice President for Nature and the Water Cycle, and Augustin BerqueCosmos Prize 2018 geographer, committed actors (entrepreneurs, researchers, students, NGOs, artists and designers) come to testify about the compasses that reconnect us to the living: frugality, relevance, resilience and regeneration.
1:30 pm Welcome
14h – 15h – Introduction by François Léger, head of the Master 2 Agroecology, societies and territories at AgroParisTech and Dorothée Browaeys, president of TEK4life
Reconnecting to life: the ecological and resonant enterprise
Dialogue between Navi Radjou, innovation consultant and author of the Guide to Frugal Innovation, and Éric Soubeiran, Danone’s Vice President for Nature and the Water Cycle
3pm – 4pm Soil/Inspirations: The four dimensions of a new “pact with the living”.
Sobriety and frugality – Permaculture in everyday life with Louise Browaeys, agronomist and author / François Léger, head of the Master 2 Agroecology, societies and territories at AgroParisTech
Relevance and integration – Nature-based solutions with Pauline Teillac-Deschamps, Ecosystems Program Officer at the French IUCN 2020 Committee and Freddy Rey, Ecological Engineering Specialist at IRSTEA
Resilience – Agriculture and living environments with Arnaud Daguin, spokesman of the Living Agriculture movement) / Anne Fischer, artist of “repair”, Blooming ground
Regeneration – A new economy with Alexandre Rambaud (AgroParisTech) and Emmanuelle Bour-Poitrinal, member of the General Council for Food Agriculture Rural Areas of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food,
4pm – 4:30pm Designers, students and Start-Ups pitch their projects with the living world
Hugo Vidil, designer from ESAD Orléans, revalorisation of organic waste from poultry farming, Arthur Fleury &Co, BioPlast’Oil, SupBiotech, Mathias Gaillard, OXAO, AgroParisTech Foundation (to be confirmed), Emmanuelle Tieu, teacher at the Ecole Estienne (animation cinema), Joan Pronnier for the Coal network and its platform Alive, Nicholas Henderson and Olivier Beune, Strate Ecole de design
16h30 – 17h30 The TEK4life partners of the FESTIVAL VIVANT give their testimonies
Stories of actions taken with the living
Formulation of challenges, expectations for the Germination (April 2 and 3, 2020)
With : Christophe Bonno, director of institutional relations with the agricultural world, Les Mousquetaires group, Christophe De Boissoudy, director of Novamont France, Rachel Kolbe, CSR director of the In Vivo Group, Christophe Domain, head of nanotechnology at EDF.
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm BREAK with immersive buffet
Artistic expressions echoing the new Pact with the living.
Microtherapeutic consultation with Iglika Christova, visual artist; Listening to the earth by Karine Bonneval (in collaboration with Fanny Ribak);Holistic diagram and Blue Gold to taste by Yann Toma, artist-observer at the UN and coordinator of Sorbonne Transition
6:30 pm – 8 pm Final conversation on The Relationship Shift
with Augustin Berque, geographer and orientalist, Cosmos Price 2018, Marine Calmet, lawyer at Nature Rights, Ludovic Duhem, artist and philosopher.

Founding partners:
AgroParisTech, EpE, OREE, Sup Biotech
University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne

October 10, 2019
AgroParisTech – 16 Rue Claude Bernard, 75231 Paris

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MOOC Art and Ecology
Meeting between Andrea Olga Mantovani and Baptiste Morizot

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