T&T seminar “Art, food and transformation of European territories

T&T seminar “Art, food and transformation of European territories

Organized by the LADYSS-CNRS, the Earth Policy Center, COAL and all members of the T&T program: ArtMill, Campo Adentro, Locus Athens, the PAV and Zone Sensible, the seminar “Art, food and transformation of European territories” brings together a community of cultural actors committed to the ecological transition and sustainable food.

Image credits: Table et le Territoire, festival 1 septembre 2020 © Anne-Emmanuelle Thion

From the field to gastronomy, hybrid initiatives led by artists in the fields of agriculture and food are multiplying on a European scale. The Table and the Territory (T&T) is a transdisciplinary European cooperation program that accompanies this new scene and promotes the importance of Culture-based Solutions.

Organized and animated by Nathalie Blanc, research director at the Laboratoire des Dynamiques Sociales et de Recomposition des Espaces (LADYSS-CNRS), the seminar “Art, Food and Transformation of European Territories” is an opportunity to discover artistic practices that modify our relationship to food in a context of climate change.

Accessible to all, it questions the practices and commitments of artists, curators, scientists, directors of farms, urban and rural, third places and art centers, in order to better define the contours of these new transdisciplinary models, and the role of artists in the transformation of imaginations as well as of territories.

Friday 13/11, 17:00 – 19:00

From the world of art to the world of agriculture
With Barbara Benish, director and founder of ArtMill in Horažďovice (Czech Republic), Giulia Mengozzi, curator at Parco Arte Vivente in Turin (Italy) and Fernando Garcia Dory, founder and director of Campo Adentro and the INLAND village in Asturias (Spain).
In English

Monday 23/11, 17:00 – 19:00
Acting and changing representations and practices through research-creation
With Thierry Boutonnier, artist, and Julie Le Gall, scientist, about Selfood; Anthony Duchêne, artist at the initiative of Paysages à boire with Dominique Hutin, Jean-Philip Lucas of Zone Sensible and the SILO collective on Récits-recettes.
In French

Tuesday 24/11, 17:00 – 19:00
Art in the service of the transformation of food territories
With Olivier Darné, founder and director of the Poetic Party and the urban farm Zone Sensible, Fernando Garcia Dory, artist, founder and director of Campo Adentro and Maria-Thalia Carras, founder of Locus Athens.
In French

Wednesday 25/11, 17:00 – 19:00
Changing the way we grow and eat through art practice
With Jorgge Menna Barreto, artist in residence at ArtMill; Georgina Hill, artist in residence at Campo Adentro;
Maria Varela
artist in residence at TAVROS; the curator Olga Hatzidaki of Locus Athens and
Caretto e Spagna
artist in residence at Parco Arte Vivente.
In English

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