Exchange day and open site: Nature in the city: the art of resilience

Exchange day and open site: Nature in the city: the art of resilience

Within the framework of the European Week of Sustainable Development, COAL organizes in partnership with IFORE and Yes We Camp a day of exchange and open work site around the subject “nature in town: the art of resilience”. The day takes as field of study the wasteland Vives les Groues in Nanterre and the project Appel d’air by Thierry Boutonnier, commissioned by the Société du Grand Paris.

The day is structured around the study and participation in two projects:

Long live the Groues, Nanterre
The Groues district in Nanterre has begun a profound transformation, which will last eight years. Between now and 2025, 5,000 housing units and numerous office and service buildings will be built around the future station of Line 15 of the Grand Paris Express.
“Vive les groues” is a 9,000m2 industrial wasteland transformed into a “summer garden”, which will host in the coming weeks a flowery meadow, a small forest, a workshop, a space dedicated to well-being, ecology and celebration. The project was born from the desire to initiate the future uses of the district and to make this new nature in the city a meeting place for current and future residents. It thus accompanies the transformation of the district over time by allowing the inhabitants (current and future) to appropriate the district by regularly meeting in an island of nature reclaimed from the urban space.
The project is led by the collective Yes we camp (already known for its project Les Grands Voisins, in Paris 14th).
The first step in the reclamation of nature in the city on this wasteland is the installation of a nursery that will host the 68 trees of the future Grand Paris Express stations, as part of the “Appel d’air” project by artist Thierry Boutonnier. A second nursery will soon house other trees for the public space of the neighborhood.

Appel d’air is a participative and environmental work of the artist Thierry Boutonnier, which accompanies the construction site of the Grand Paris Express until 2030. This “social sculpture” restores the place of life and plants in urban planning policies and involves the inhabitants in the transformation of the city.
Each of the forecourts of the 68 stations of the future Grand Paris Express metro will be planted with a remarkable tree, a Paulownia tomentosa, whose spectacular blossoming will be a recognition signal for users. Among the residents of the cities served by the future metro, sponsors are invited to adopt one of the 68 trees, and to visit the nursery regularly to care for them and learn horticultural skills.
The urban nursery Appel d’air has taken up residence in Vives les Groues.

This Nature in the City: The Art of Resilience day aims to :
– Raising awareness of nature in the city;
– To go and meet a pilot citizen initiative to accompany the transformation of a district, to dialogue with its actors;
– Experiencing urban resilience through a sensitive relationship with the tree and the open site: from ” nature in the city” to ” living in the city “;
– Observe the strength of the narrative and the shared project for the setting in motion and the collective intelligence at the service of the transition.

Program of the day :
13.30 : welcome of the participants
13.40 : presentation of the project ” Vive les Groues ” by the association ” Yes we camp ” and presentation of the project ” Appel d’air ” by the artist Thierry Boutonnier, commissioned by the Société du Grand Paris
14.10 : guided tour of the site by the project’s actors and meeting with an ecologist on ordinary biodiversity
15.00 : tale on the theme of the tree
15.30 : open workcamps : tree care in the nursery/ soil fertilization workshop/ construction of mobile planters
17.00 : Festive snack and final sharing
17.30 : end of the day: Nature in the city : the art of resilience
Wednesday, June 6, from 1:30 to 5:30 p.m.
A Vive les Groues, 290 rue de la Garenne, 92000 Nanterre
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Download the complete program: program.pdf



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