Inauguration of GÉNIES-GÉNIES, at POLAU-pôle arts & urbanisme

Inauguration of GÉNIES-GÉNIES, at POLAU-pôle arts & urbanisme

COAL participates in the inauguration of GÉNIES-GÉNIES, an artists-engineers program investing in environmental themes, organized by
the POLAU-pole arts & urbanism
as part ofthe regional event Viva Leonardo da Vinci 2019 – 500 Renaissance(S).

AU POLAU- arts & urbanism center

GÉNIES-GÉNIES is an artist-engineer program, created in response to the event Viva Leonardo da Vinci 2019 – 500 de Renaissance(S ) in the Centre-Val de Loire Region. It combines research, creation, and foresight around three environmental issues: the culture of the Loire River, the recovery of waste, and the energy transition of territories. Its vocation is to produce works or devices revealing the backstage of territories and to imagine scenarios of prospective and territorial ingenuity.

Program of the opening night

18h: Opening by François Bonneau, President of the Region
Presentation of the program and environmental themes

  1. The energy transition of the territories | With the association négaWatt, the Institut négaWatt and the Tours Soundpainting Orchestra (Angélique Cormier, Pierre-Adrien Théo)
  2. The artistic valorisation of waste | With the social sciences research network SUD (Urban Societies and Waste / Pascal Garret), the UMR CITERES (CItés, TERritoires, Environnement et Sociétés, University of Tours/Bénédicte Florin) and the artist Stefan Shankland
  3. The culture of the Loire River | With the Val de Loire Mission (Bruno Marmirolli) and the COAL (Coalition for Art and Sustainable Development / Lauranne Germond)

8pm: Round table
The news of the relations arts, sciences and techniques of the territory
With Lauranne Germond (COAL), Stefan Shankland, (artist), Stéphane Cordobès (CGET – Commissariat Général à l’Égalité des territoires / École urbaine de Lyon), and Cédric Carles (designer).

21h: Aperitif and toasts

► Program and invitation to the opening: https: //
► The GENIES-GENIES program: http: //
► Viva Leonardo da Vinci 2019 – 500 of Renaissance(S): https: //



Inauguration from 6pm to 10pm
POLAU-pôle arts & urbanisme, Au Point H^UT-lieu de création urbaine
20, rue des Grands mortiers
37700 Saint-Pierre-des-Corps

More information on: http: //

Photo credit: Purity, short film © ADDB production

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