Meeting between Andrea Olga Mantovani and Baptiste Morizot

Meeting between Andrea Olga Mantovani and Baptiste Morizot

On the occasion of the publication of the book S’enforester. Mythology and politics of the European forestco-authored by Baptiste Morizot and Andréa Mantovani, COAL moderated a roundtable discussion at the Albert Kahn Departmental Museum near Paris on September 13, 2022.

Image credits: ©Laure Pubert

“The forest is the environment par excellence that reminds us of the readily forgotten condition of our being-in-the-world, namely that we are not responsible for the habitability of this world – but that it is the biosphere, as a living architecture older than ourselves, that constitutes our giving environment.”

Baptiste Morizot, “S’enforester. Mythology and politics of the European forest”,
Editions D’une Rive à l’Autre, 2022.

On September 13, 2022, COAL, represented by Joan Pronnier, hosted a meeting with the photographer Andrea Olga Mantovani and the philosopher Baptiste Morizot, on the occasion of the launch of their book S’enforester. Mythology and politics of the European forest. These exchanges with the public focused on our relationship with forests and their future. This event was hosted by the Albert Kahn Museum, as part of its new programming cycle “Les Invités de l’Imprimerie”.

In the book S’enforester. Mythology and politics of the European forestBaptiste Morizot’s words meet Andréa Mantovani’s images:

“What we are describing here is thus more of a last forest than a primary forest, it is an ultimate forest.”

The editions D’une Rive à l’Autre have expressed their point of view on the book:

“Nourished by the forest of Białowieża, Andrea Olga Mantovani and Baptiste Morizot have joined their eyes to weave the myth of the forest of origins. S’enforester reveals the hidden link of this forest with every tree in our squares, every oak tree on the side of our roads, every exploited forest. Without this myth, we cannot be up to the political questions that the forest requires of us: how to accompany the forest that surrounds us, how to live with it, how to defend it?

This is the invitation of this book: to make a detour through the mythological power of the last primary forest of Europe, a relic of the past, to return armed to the question of the future of our forests in Europe, and in France in particular. It’s an exercise in real mythology with political significance for tomorrow.”


Andre Olga Mantovani
Andre Olga Mantovani

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