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COAL launches the platform RESSOURCE /, media and online resource center dedicated to art, ecology and sustainable development.

The links between culture, the arts, ecology and sustainable development are now the subject of a real international dynamic. The COAL association, the main actor of this movement in France, launches the online platform RESSOURCE (accessible on with the support of the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy. At once a media, a resource center, and a collaborative platform, RESSOURCE wants to bring together the worlds of the arts and ecology to affirm the cultural dimension of sustainable development and encourage the emergence of a new culture of nature.

RESSOURCE is dedicated to a new field located at the crossroads of culture and ecology, in France and internationally. Its objective is to question and respond to environmental issues by integrating the aesthetic, creative, relational, sensitive and imaginative dimensions of art.

RESSOURCE jointly mobilizes the cultural sector – to accompany behavioral changes by giving visibility and a cultural dimension to ecology – and the ecological sector – to make art and creativity an integral part of programs and actions.

RESSOURCE is designed and implemented by the Coal association under a multi-year agreement with the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy. The Ministry’s support for this major site is part of the implementation of a national action strategy to promote the emergence of a new culture of nature and to strengthen the cultural dimension of sustainable development.


To carry out this project, RESSOURCE has surrounded itself with a multidisciplinary committee of contributors, all concerned with the bridges to be established between art, ecology and sustainable development, who keep an eye on the news and feed the platform with their points of view and publications. The main actors of the art and ecology theme in France and in Europe are also partners of RESSOURCE.


The choice of the name of the site RESSOURCE puts the focus on the central issue of resources, both material and immaterial, and its subtitle ARTS AND ECOLOGIES reflects the diversity of approaches, views and issues raised by both art and ecology.


– The French and international news of artistic events related to ecology (exhibitions, initiatives, researches, territorial actions and other emblematic actions); Relayed in the section NEWS, this information is accessible by dates, types of events, geographical areas, and themes.

– Thematic files on major arts and ecology topics, emblematic projects, articles, portraits, videos of key players, a showcase for participatory financing projects. The section DOSSIER which reflects this vitality of reflections and artistic movements in connection with ecology is a space to deepen and establish collaborations.

– A directory of actors already involved in France and abroad (artists, institutions, art centers, residencies, associations, galleries, research laboratories, NGOs, communities …). The GUIDE section provides access to this directory classified by type of involvement, geographical and thematic criteria.

– Benchmarks, tools, methods, examples of initiatives and concrete answers to the disparate expectations of actors (companies, NGOs, local authorities, institutions, schools, artists, art centers, foundations, research centers, agricultural circles…). The PRACTICES section is a real “toolbox” that allows you to better integrate ecology into the practices of the cultural sector.

Commented bibliographical resources, historical and theoretical references, and texts of reference. The SOURCES section reflects the intellectual vitality of the sector and allows a better understanding of ecology and the artistic movements linked to it.

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New COAL office

  • About us
    About us

    COAL mobilizes artists and cultural actors on societal and environmental issues and accompanies the emergence of a new culture of ecology through its actions such as the COAL Prize, curating exhibitions, advising institutions and communities, European cooperation, and the animation of conferences, workshops and the first dedicated website


    COAL has been awarding the COAL Prize Art and Environment every year since 2010 and the COAL Student Prize - Culture & Diversity since 2020.

  • Projects

    Major projects linked to the major events in political ecology, in connection with natural or urban environments.

  • Artistic direction
    Artistic direction

    About fifty exhibitions throughout France, cultural actions, works in the public space, and project support to contribute to the emergence of a new culture of ecology.


    Cooperation programs on a European and international scale, support for institutions in their ecological transition through tailor-made accompaniment and training, promotion of arts and ecology issues through publications and numerous conferences and workshops.