COALITION 15 years of art and ecology

COALITION 15 years of art and ecology

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, COAL is joining forces with the Gaîté Lyrique to present a major multidisciplinary exhibition featuring almost 50 artists representing the richness and variety of approaches on the environmental art scene.

Image credits: Lucy & Jorge Orta « PROCESSION BANNERS 1918-2018 », 2018. Banderoles en textiles réalisées à la main par les femmes du HMP Downview, prison à Sutton, Angleterre. Photo©LanceTabraham.

This monumental exhibition, enriched by a wide-ranging programme, is taking over the emblematic space of the Gaîté Lyrique. It is curated by Lauranne Germond, co-founder and director of COAL, and Sara Dufour, curator and programme director of the association. It brings together the work and interventions of almost fifty French, European and international artists, be they pioneers, renowned or emerging, including Angelika Markul, Shaun Gladwell, Hypercomf, Lucy+Jorge Orta, Art Orienté Objet, Fabiana Ex-Souza, Louis Guillaume, Shivay La Multiple, Paul Duncombe, Alex Cecchetti, Flatform, Anaïs Tondeur, Elsa Guillaume, Suzanne Husky, Martine Feipel and Jean Bechameil, Marie Velardi, Clément Richem, Martin Le Chevallier, Thierry Boutonnier, Beya Gilles Gacha, Erik Samakh, Laurent Tixador, Olivier Darné, Éléonore Saintagnan, Marina Gioti, Michael Wang, Momoko Seto, Sara Favriau, Stéfane Perraud and Aram Kebabdjian, Hehe and many others…

Together, they showcase the community developed over 15 editions of the COAL Prize, COAL’s flagship initiative for promoting, supporting and exhibiting artists around the world who are testifying to, imagining and experimenting with the ecological revolution.

15 years ago, bringing art and ecology together, or getting nature conservationists to work alongside cultural players and artists, was not an obvious choice. 15 years later, this convergence is becoming increasingly obvious, exacerbated by the acceleration of environmental issues, which is encouraging fundamental reflection, restructuring and the invention of new ways of living on Earth. This exhibition presents an overview of a generation of committed artists through projects that have left their mark on the history of environmental art. All practices and ways of approaching the living world through art and the senses, from bearing witness to activism, via community-building and resilience practices.

Showcasing a wide variety of artistic approaches – sculpture, painting, photography, installation, performance, documents – but also and above all participative projects, protocols, rituals, somatic practices, research-creation, in situ creation, shared experiences… Works, performances and activations tell the story of a different relationship with nature, with materials, with all the components of the living world, and invite us to glimpse the perspectives of a future world, through an experience marked by discovery and awakening.




Exhibition at the Gaîté Lyrique

24 April – 2 June 2024

Exhibition launch on 23 April

Take a look at

Suzanne Husky at Drawing Lab
Towards an international river…
Water and Diamond

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    About us

    COAL mobilizes artists and cultural actors on societal and environmental issues and accompanies the emergence of a new culture of ecology through its actions such as the COAL Prize, curating exhibitions, advising institutions and communities, European cooperation, and the animation of conferences, workshops and the first dedicated website


    COAL has been awarding the COAL Prize Art and Environment every year since 2010 and the COAL Student Prize - Culture & Diversity since 2020.

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    Major projects linked to the major events in political ecology, in connection with natural or urban environments.

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    Artistic direction

    About fifty exhibitions throughout France, cultural actions, works in the public space, and project support to contribute to the emergence of a new culture of ecology.


    Cooperation programs on a European and international scale, support for institutions in their ecological transition through tailor-made accompaniment and training, promotion of arts and ecology issues through publications and numerous conferences and workshops.