COAL is at the origin of about fifty exhibitions and cultural events around ecological issues for important cultural structures all over France, art centres, parks and gardens, in collaboration with NGOs, institutions, local authorities as well as for companies and professional organisations.
References: Maillon theatre, MAIF Social Club, Vidéoformes, Ambronay cultural meeting centre, Anglet Biennial, Société du Grand Paris, Condition Publique, UNESCO, La Villette, La Gaîté Lyrique, FIAC, Domaine de Chamarande, Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Berges de Seine, CEAAC, Halles aux Sucres…

Water and Diamond
Origins, artists’ views of primary forests
TRANSFORMING ENERGY, Collectif Berru, Season France – Portugal Exemplaire Exemplaire
TRANSFORMING ENERGY, Collectif Berru, Season France – Portugal Exemplary
TRANSFORMING ENERGY, Collectif Berru, Season France – Portugal Exemplary
Sculptures on the island, Return to the Sources, a journey of works in Andrésy
Isabella Hin at the Sewer Museum for the Nuit Blanche
Origins, artists’ views on primary forests
TRANSFORMING ENERGY, Collectif Berru, Season France – Portugal
Contre-Temps at Ambronay Abbey
La Littorale #8 – Anglet Contemporary Art Biennial
Plein Vent, Halle aux Sucres
To the sky, to the wind, to the earth, Fabienne Berthaud
Tierra Del Fuego, Angelika Markul, Museum of Hunting and Nature
Pure Waste, Biennale 1.618, Carreau du Temple
Habitarium, A laboratory season on habitat, La Condition Publique
At the Consulate
UltraCoal, CEAAC, Strasbourg
FICTION GROUNDS – Art and Science Experiments, Domaine de Chamarande
Now Watching, CEAAC, Strasbourg
Lucy + Jorge Orta at the Grand Palais with COAL
Open Source, CEAAC, Strasbourg
Living, Domaine de Chamarande
Systemic, CEAAC, Strasbourg
Characters, Hans Op de Beeck, Domaine de Chamarande
Nicolas Floc’h and Etienne de France, FIAC Hors-les-Murs at MNHN
COAL guest curator of the CEAAC 2015-2016 Season
Living(s), Domaine de Chamarande
COAL partner of the exhibition “7000 Oaks
VIEWS. Exhibition – Domaine de Chamarande
Adapting to the Anthropocene, UNESCO-COAL
Åsa Sonjasdotter, Winner of the COAL Prize at CENTQUATRE- PARIS
Laurent Tixador, Domaine de Chamarande
Environments, Domaine de Chamarande
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  • About us
    About us

    COAL mobilizes artists and cultural actors on societal and environmental issues and accompanies the emergence of a new culture of ecology through its actions such as the COAL Prize, curating exhibitions, advising institutions and communities, European cooperation, and the animation of conferences, workshops and the first dedicated website Ressource0.com


    COAL has been awarding the COAL Prize Art and Environment every year since 2010 and the COAL Student Prize - Culture & Diversity since 2020.

  • Projects

    Major projects linked to the major events in political ecology, in connection with natural or urban environments.

  • Artistic direction
    Artistic direction

    About fifty exhibitions throughout France, cultural actions, works in the public space, and project support to contribute to the emergence of a new culture of ecology.


    Cooperation programs on a European and international scale, support for institutions in their ecological transition through tailor-made accompaniment and training, promotion of arts and ecology issues through publications and numerous conferences and workshops.