PANORAMA, Salon 1.618, Palais de Tokyo

PANORAMA, Salon 1.618, Palais de Tokyo

By presenting Panorama, the second carte blanche within the 1.618 exhibition, COAL continues its tour of a generation of artists who have in common an ethical and aesthetic approach nourished by the stakes of sustainable development.

Panorama offers visitors a 360-degree view of their immediate environment through an urban diorama of housing, transportation, furniture and green spaces. The artists presented act in everyday life, infiltrate and disrupt social and economic networks, or short-circuit urban planning policies, recycle everyday objects, discredit the stereotypes of escapism and mobility in favor of a poetic vision of wandering and precariousness, or use marketing strategies on behalf of non-profit issues. Far from militancy and proclaimed commitment, their individual action, tiny but subtle, incisive and offbeat, is like a grain of sand in the wheels of the system. They confront us with the paradoxes of our way of living in the city, between escape and flight.

The Panorama exhibition is accompanied by a video program, broadcast throughout the event, on Souvenirs From Earth, the first high-definition television channel entirely devoted to video art.

With : Pauline Bastard, Neil Beloufa, Julien Berthier, Andrea Blum, Collectif Hehe, Vincent Ganivet, Vincent Mauger, Georges-Pascal Ricordeau, Aurélie Slonina, Stéphane Vigny

Curator :
Lauranne Germond in collaboration with Audrey Bertounesque.

Palais de Tokyo
Living room 1.618
13 avenue du Président Wilson
75016 Paris


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