Tierra Del Fuego, Angelika Markul, Museum of Hunting and Nature

Tierra Del Fuego, Angelika Markul, Museum of Hunting and Nature


COAL presents the exhibition Tierra Del Fuego by Angelika Markul, winner of COAL Award 2016, at the Museum of Hunting and Nature.

Angelika Markul
Tierra Del Fuego

September 4 – December 2, 2018
Public opening September 5 18:00-22.00

Exhibition curated by Lauranne Germond and Claude d’Anthenaise

Tierra del Fuego is a polymorphic artistic project, composed of a set of plastic works that deals with the disappearance of a glacier landscape. It is inspired by the archipelago of the same name which is located in Patagonia, at the confluence of Argentina and Chile, in the extreme south of the American continent. The exceptional and characteristic landscape of this region of the world is gradually disappearing under the effect of climate change, just like the Amerindian civilization that lived on these lands for 12,000 years, before being decimated by the Europeans. In connection with his film The Memory of the Glaciers, which accelerates the process of melting, Markul reveals the memories buried in the ice and summons a series of phenomena and influences that together compose a symphony of the end of the world.

Angelika Markul arranges heads, plants, bronze objects that evoke the lost traditions of the Yagans, the nomadic fishermen of Tierra del Fuego, as well as a sculpture of the remains of a mylodon, a prehistoric endemic animal that has now disappeared. Two large wax paintings seem to represent the cartographic reliefs of this land with forgotten paths. The artist conceived this work as an echo of the poem La Iluvia lenta (“slow rain”) by the Chilean poetess Gabriela Mistral, which calls for a necessary reconnection with mother earth.

She pursues here the obsessions that are at the center of her work such as the passage of time and the flight of memorial and material traces. His artistic practice is born of a utopia, that of a total archaeology, of an unfailing archiving of the traces of life, whether human, animal or vegetable.

Angelika Markul is the winner of the 2016 COAL Prize for her project Tierra del Fuego and the winner of the MAIF Prize for her bronze sculpture Mylodon de Terre. She is represented by Galerie Solo (Paris), Galerie Laurence Bernard (Geneva) and LETO Gallery (Warsaw).

A series of nocturnes around the imaginary of climate change and ice melting is also organized by COAL within the framework of the exhibition and the ten years of the association COAL.

+ More info on the Cycle of nocturnes


Museum of Hunting and Nature
62 rue des Archives
75003 Paris
September 4 – December 2, 2018
Open from Tuesday to Sunday
11:00 – 18:00

Del Fuego is produced with the participation of DICRéAM.

Photo credit: © Angelika Markul, Tierra del fuego, 2018, Mylodon, bronze

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