In this late spring, Appel d’air invites you to welcome the first buds among the trees of Greater Paris.

Thierry Boutonnier © COAL
Thierry Boutonnier © COAL

Thursday, May 11 and Friday, May 12, from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.
Tree strength measurement workshops, nursery maintenance
At Vive les Groues

Participate in our Appel d’air workshops for the transmission of arboricultural knowledge in an urban environment. Both practical and theoretical, you can learn or refine your knowledge with our expert team. On the program, introduction of the Appel d’air project and its inclusion in the Grand Paris, measurement of the strength of the
Paulownia tomentosa
future trees of the Grand Paris Express, to attest their health, maintenance and creation time in the heart of the nursery and time for discussion and exchange with the team.

Following the mobilization of volunteers, registrations for these two workshops are now closed.

Saturday May 13, from 7pm to 11pm
KM11 – artistic, cultural and festive meeting of the Grand Paris Express
On the Grand Paris Express construction site in Noisy-Champs

Appel d’air deploys its Pavillon des Souffles at KM11, a large artistic, cultural and festive gathering in Noisy-Champs. Come and adopt a tree of the Grand Paris Express and get your adoption booklet with the Appel d’air team composed of the tree artist Thierry Boutonnier, the performance artist Laury Huard, the landscape gardener Sylvain Gaufilier and the COAL team.

There are plenty of other surprises and events to enjoy during this joyous event. Come in large numbers!

As part of the artistic and cultural direction of the Greater Paris Express, the CENTQUATRE-PARIS conceives and produces these large artistic, cultural and festive gatherings that are the KM. During the construction of the Grand Paris Express, the KM bring together residents, workers and the region’s dynamic forces around popular events, with free access. These events open the doors of spectacular construction sites to celebrate and make visible to as many people as possible each important stage in the construction of the Grand Paris Express. These shared moments of joy make the future project tangible in the eyes of the participants.

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Relation Sylvestre, cie La Ruée © Sébastien Normand
Relation Sylvestre, cie La Ruée © Sébastien Normand

Sunday, May 14, from 3:30 pm to 7 pm

Appel d’air party

At La Terrasse – Espace d’Art and at Vive les Groues

On the occasion of the Greater Paris Tree Festival,
Appel d’air
Let’s extend to the other end of the future line 15 the adoption ceremony initiated the day before in Noisy-Champs and celebrate together the arrival of spring and the redevelopment of the nursery! On the program: exhibition visit, urban walk and knitting around the trees that link the Terrace to Vive les Groues, plant cocktail, adoption ceremony and sylvan show.

Echoing the exhibition “Where do the lights go?” by Thierry Boutonnier, we propose an urban walk to dress the trees that link La Terrasse – Espace d’art de Nanterre to Vive les Groues with a wool coat and thus make visible the plant presence in the heart of urban mutations . This walk will be in the presence of the tree artist Thierry Boutonnier and the participants of the apéro-tricots of the Frivol Thé, the knitting workshop of the social and cultural center P’Arc en Ciel, the senior club of Champs aux Melles and the students of the college Paul-Eluard led by Yves Delot, Josiane Savry and Youlia Nelioubina.

Upon arrival at Les Groues, the rest of the Appel d’air team will welcome the public with a plant cocktail. This will be followed by an informal presentation of Appel d’air and a performative adoption ceremony of the trees of the Grand Paris Express.

To end on a high note, the company La ruée outre-mer, offers you an excerpt from its show Relation Sylvestre, a hybrid form that flirts with theater and arboriculture, near the future trees of the Grand Paris Express. This collaborative performance is a story that brings together the artists and the public in a superposition of theatrical moments inviting them to make a relationship with the plant, which continues in a gesture: the adoption of a sylvan being, of a tree.

Detailed program

3:30 pm: Visit of the exhibition Génie des Lieux #3 at the Terrasse, which focuses on the Groues district. The exhibition welcomes the artists Florence Cosnefroy, Nadine Schütz and Thierry Boutonnier

16h00 – 17h30 : Urban walk from La Terrasse to Vive les Groues and festive installation of wool mantles on trees and thus make visible the plant presence in the heart of urban mutations with associations of knitters of Nanterre

5:30 pm: Plant cocktail and informal presentation of Appel d’air

6:00 pm: Adoption ceremony and collection of breaths of the new adopters

6:30 p.m.: Performance by the company La ruée outre-mer

Free admission and no registration.

Facebook event: https: //

In partnership with La Terrasse-Espace d’art de Nanterre, Vive les Groues and the Société du Grand Paris, la Métropole du Grand Paris. Within the framework of Ecozone

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