Call for air : Call for participation

Call for air : Call for participation

Join the lively and participative project Appel d’air with Thierry Boutonnier, COAL and Sylvain Gaufillier.

Image credits: Thierry Boutonnier, Appel d’air, 2017 © Julie Bourges

Any person, group of people or organization living near a future station of the Grand Paris Express can become a witness ofAppel d’air. Groups must be represented by a referent and it is not necessary to have a garden at home to host an “echo tree”. We are currently looking for 68 sponsors.

Participation in the work begins with an adoption session of the trees in the urban nursery Appel d’air in the company of the artist Thierry Boutonnier and the entire project team. This festive moment is an opportunity to take the breath of the inhabitants witnesses and to transmit them the echo tree that they will take back home.

The residents take care of their trees and participate each year in the animation and maintenance of the trees of the nursery within the framework of a monthly meeting, three seasonal workshops, a festive time and a time of co-creation.

Every three years, the Grand Paris Express model trees are transplanted during a festive event, with a handover to other inhabitants of the Greater Paris area, thus creating lasting links between inhabitants and territories.

As time goes by, the “witness trees” are transplanted to the station, while the “echo trees” join the Appel d’air nursery, gradually becoming a perennial forest, a memory of the construction of the Grand Paris Express.

The Appel d’air urban nursery

The urban nursery ofAppel d’air is the matrix of the work installed in Groues, in Nanterre in collaboration with Yes We Camp and TN+. It is within it that a lasting, intimate and collective link is forged between the inhabitants and the trees of the future stations. Thus, the development, the staging and the maintenance of the plot, theater of the unfolding of the work, are an integral part of the artistic project.

The inauguration of the Pépinière aux Groues, in Nanterre, will take place on November 26 on the occasion of the first tree adoption session. During the fall, workshops on the development of the nursery are organized with yes We Camp and as part of the Nanterre Jardine event.

To participate, contact us by email at

Appel d’Air is a creation of Thierry Boutonnier for the Grand Paris Express, on an invitation of Jérôme Sans and under the artistic direction of José Manuel Gonçalves,
in cooperation with Jacques Ferrier and Pauline Marchetti,
Eva Albarran & Co – Delegated production,
COAL – Artistic coordination, communication, and anchoring to the territory,
Sylvain Gaufillier – Landscape designer (Quartorze collective), Yes We Camp and TN+ – Pépinière des Groues, Nanterre,
Sylvain Gouraud – Photographer.

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