VIVANT in Marseille, a cultural season for the IUCN World Conservation Congress

VIVANT in Marseille, a cultural season for the IUCN World Conservation Congress

While the IUCN World Conservation Congress will take place in Marseille from September 3 to 11, 2021, VIVANT, a cultural season for biodiversity, is deploying an original program to mobilize the senses and the imagination on the challenges of life. A proposal to bring the IUCN World Conservation Congress to life outside the walls and thus create a resonance chamber sensitive to the scientific and political issues that will be debated at the Congress.

After a national agenda in 2020 that brought together more than 300 events throughout France, VIVANT returns in 2021 with a series of eco-cultural events in Marseille. On the program: an exhibition bringing together twelve artists committed to the living within the Espaces Générations Nature of the Congress, the evening performances at the Natural History Museum of Marseille with the Cie du Singe Debout, a monumental fresco of the artist Fikos in the city center, punctuated by workshops and talks about birds professional trainings for a Sustainable Culture, a circus performance of the 2020 winners of the COAL – Culture & Diversity student prize, a meeting around art and ecology on the France Pavilion and a cultural agenda on the living with the events of our partners.

VIVANT, a Cultural Season for Biodiversity, is part of the general context of the sixth mass extinction that threatens the diversity of life, affecting both species and ecosystems. In France, at present, 18% of the species, that is to say nearly one species out of five, are already considered as extinct or threatened. By weaving a cultural program in the service of the preservation of life, VIVANT wishes to contribute to renewing representations, to integrate biodiversity into our common culture and thus contribute to a profound awareness, the only real motor for action on an individual and collective scale.

More than ever, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is time to support a new culture of nature.



From September 3rd to 11th

Exhibition VIVANT

Rethinking our relationship with living beings, being attentive to other forms of life, renewing our images and collective imagination… This is the proposal of the exhibition VIVANT, through the projects of twelve artists who highlight both the extreme fragility and the immense strength of the living.
Generations Nature areas of the Congress

September 4th 4pm – 5pm

Inaugural visit
Inaugural visit of the exhibition VIVANT in the presence of the curators and some artists.
Generations Nature areas of the Congress

September 6, 2:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Meeting around art and
and ecology

Artists committed to ecology meet experts in nature conservation for the inauguration of the COAL 2020 Prize.
France Pavilion

September 7th 4pm – 7pm
Performance of the circus collective the other side of a world
These winners of the COAL – Culture & Diversity student award, which supports the mobilization of art students for ecology, are giving their first public performance of a show created during a residency in the Massonne nature reserve. In partnership with the Natural Reserves of France.
Public areas of the Congress


From September 5th

Monumental fresco

The Greek artist Fikos represents a dozen birds threatened by climate change and welcomes delegates to the Gare Saint Charles.
Wall facing the MONUMENTAL staircase of the Saint Charles station.

September 5
Inaugural day around the birds
On the program of this inaugural day of the fresco of Fikos around the birds: workshops for young people, a meeting with the artist and a convivial moment in partnership with the magazine Billebaude.
Café Ecomotive, at the foot of the fresco

September 9, 10 and 11 at 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm

Three evening performances

The Cie du Singe Debout invests the Museum of Natural History of Marseille during 3 evenings for an itinerary performed around the theme: “6th extinction: These Others, what do they have to tell us?
Natural History Museum of Marseille

September 8, 9 and 10, 2021

Professional training for a Sustainable Culture

Three training sessions to integrate the ecological transition in the cultural professions, to integrate culture as a lever of ecological transition and solidarity for companies, brands and promoters, presented by COAL.
On registration, eligible to OPCO

September 3 to 11

A LIVING agenda

The VIVANT agenda gathers a selection of cultural events in Marseille and in France on the issues of life and biodiversity.

Take a look at

Transformative Territories: Performing transition through the arts
TRANSFORMING ENERGY, Collectif Berru, Season France – Portugal Exemplary

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