New Gastronomies : Arts, Food and Ecological Territories

New Gastronomies : Arts, Food and Ecological Territories

Within the framework of the European cooperation program La Table et le Territoire, COAL, Ladyss-CNRS and the Cité internationale des arts, present “Nouvelles Gastronomies : Arts, Food and Ecological Territories”, a day of experiences and reflections around art and food.

Image credits: T&T Nouvelles Gastronomies, 2021 © Guillaume Lassus Dessus

If the banquet was the high place of philosophy, the dining table will be that of ecology. A table where the future of soils and beings, of planetary and sanitary balances are negotiated at the same time. It is because it is profoundly social and cultural, but above all eminently sensory and carnal that artists are interested in food, from the arts and the sensitive. They observe, invent, experiment, and share new visions and food practices; other uses of the soil and the land. What culture-based solutions can they bring today to transform food territories and imagine the sustainable food of tomorrow?

The New Gastronomies: Arts, Food and Ecological Territories, take over the Cité Internationale des Arts for a day of experiences and reflections around art and food. On the menu: more than twenty workshops, culinary experiences, artistic performances, films and round tables bringing together artists, thinkers, farmers, scientists and cultural project leaders from Europe and elsewhere, to exchange on their practices and demonstrate the potential of culture-based solutions in the transformation of food territories.

This event comes at the end of two years of European cooperation within the program La Table et le Territoire, which brings together seven major actors in the field of art, ecology and food under the coordination of COAL and the scientific supervision of LADYSS-CNRS.

With ArtMill, Campo Adentro, Locus Athènes / Tavros, Parco Arte Vivente, Zone Sensible, Samira Ahmadi Ghotbi, Nathalie Blanc, Clara Breteau, Thierry Boutonnier, Marine Calmet, Tiphaine Calmettes, Denis Chartier, Anthony Duchêne, les Délices de l’Ogresse, Thomas Ferrand, la Ferme de Kerminy, Xavier Fourt and Ewen Chardonnet of Aliens in Green, Fernando Garcia Dory, Olivier Givre, Pierre Hivernat – Alimentation Générale, Missla Libsekal, Edouard de Laubrie, Christophe Lavelle, Jean-Philip Lucas, the New Ministry of Agriculture, Sabrina Novak, Hana Novakova, Deirdre O’Mahony, Javier Orcaray, Stéphanie Sagot, François Thévenon, Kay Zevallos Villegas…

Detailed program

Roundtables: Throughout the day, round tables around the issues of the program La Table et le Territoire bring together artists, farmers, experts, researchers and holders of artistic initiatives dealing with the issue of food and the transition of territories from all over Europe: when food becomes art and art, food for the transformation of territories.

Experiences at the Artists’ Table: About twenty artists, from the T&T program or residents at the Cité, researchers and chefs take over the spaces of the Cité internationale des Arts to share experiences, know-how, practices, works and conviviality around art and food. Intimate and offbeat experiences that invite the public to share a meal, to cook, to discover works of art and to converse in the artists’ workshops and studios of the Cité internationale des arts. Dive into ethnobotany with artist-researcher Thomas Ferrand, play an informative role-playing game on endocrine disruptors with Aliens in Green, taste natural wine, listen to vintages and discuss the soil and the project. Drinking landscapes with artist Anthony Duchene and researcher Denis Chartier, investigation and collection of complaints to sue sugar giants in the agri-food industry with artist Thierry Boutonnier and lawyer Marine Calmet, auditory and olfactory immersion around bees and local Spanish communities collected by Fernando Garcia Dory-Campo Adentro, or screening of a new film and discussion with Czech artist Hana Novakova, join us on December 8, at the artists’ table.

Screenings: Artists’ films screened in the presence of the directors such as The Nugget Show by the New Ministry of Agriculture or The Persistent Return by Deirdre O’Mahony.

Meals and cooking classes: From the tasting of recipes from the inhabitants of Saint-Denis taken from the book Récits-recettes published by Zone Sensible, COAL and the LADYSS to the molecular cooking course given by the biophysicist Christophe Lavelle or an edible tale by Tiphaine Calmettes passing by a proposal of mulled wine with wild plants by François Thévenon, the New Gastronomies will be well and truly on the program.

Find the complete program of the event here

Wednesday, December 8, 2021
10am – 9pm
Cité internationale des arts
18 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville, 75004

About The Table and the Territory:

Second part of the Laboratory of sustainable culture initiated by COAL and LADYSS-CNRS, La Table et le Territoire is a European program that aims to produce knowledge and field experiments mixing art, science and involvement of the actors of the territory in the field of sustainable food. Developed on a European scale since 2019, La Table et le Territoire brings together seven major actors in the field of art, ecology and territories: three atypical cultural places installed in farms, – Sensitive Area (France),
Campo Adentro
(Spain) and

(Czech Republic) -, an artistic and civic third place – TAVROS – Locus Athens (Greece) -, and an art center –

The PAV – Parco Arte Vivente

(Italy) – a pioneer in the field of environmental commitment -, under the coordination of a referent actor of the art and ecology scene : COAL (France) and in collaboration with

the laboratory “Dynamiques sociales et recomposition des espaces” (LADYSS-CNRS)

and many institutional and scientific partners.

These partners have been working for a long time for an alliance of art and ecology, and the dialogue between arts, territories and citizens for culture-based solutions in the field of food culture. The Table and the Territory has given rise to a dozen research-creations and numerous events (workshops, festivals, performances, etc.) involving a wide variety of actors in each of the five partner countries.
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