FIAC – two conversations about art and commitment

FIAC – two conversations about art and commitment

Lauranne Germond intervenes on October 18 and 20 in the conversation room of the FIAC on “Art and commitment” alongside Time for the ocean and the Consulate! The FIAC offers a three-day series of conferences on this theme in its Conversation Room, a platform for exchange between artists, writers, scientists and thinkers from different backgrounds.

October 18 at 1pm: TIME FOR THE OCEAN

When Art and Science mobilize against the plastic pollution of the oceans: the emergency is on Earth.

Moderated by Thierry Grillet, writer

With Maud Baignères, director, Fabrice Hyber, artist, Marion Semblat, president of the association Time for the Ocean, Romain Troublé, director of Tara Océan, Lauranne Germond, co-founder of COAL.

Within the framework of the action of the association Time for the Ocean, Marion Semblat, its president, proposes to put a spotlight on the relationship between Art and Environment. Time for the Ocean invites several experts to debate: Fabrice Hyber, painter, proposes a work on the valorization of plastic; Romain Troublé, general director of the foundation Tara Oceanwill make a scientific assessment of the situation and the need to mobilize politicians, scientists and civil society to defend the future of the “blue planet”.



Moderated by Jeanne Barral, curator

With Lionel Bensemoun , founder of the Consulate, Joakim Bouaziz , musician, Samuel Boutruche, artist, Stéphane de Freitas, founder of Eloquentia and of the Indigo Cooperative, Lauranne Germond, founder of Coal Projects, Lucy Orta, artist

When the world goes up in smoke, it is no longer time for contemplation, but for action. To set things in motion, you have to move, convince and unite. Artists, activists and essayists must join together to write the exquisite cadaver narrative of a new culture; and thus shape a common imagination that will define our reality of tomorrow. This discussion is an opportunity to understand the importance of the place of Art in this transition. The Consulate is an ephemeral and itinerant place, which advocates a festive and committed art of living.


October 18 and 20, 2019 at 1 p.m.
Grand Palais, Paris

Conversation Room – staircase of honor

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