MOOC Art and Ecology

MOOC Art and Ecology

The Centre Pompidou launches a MOOC on ecology in art.
In 5 sequences, this free online course, open to all, offers a thematic path presenting the different ecological practices at work among artists, from 1960 to today. Lauranne Germond is a member of the MOOC pedagogical team.

Image credits: Fabrice Hyber (1961 – , France), Peinture homéopathique n°26 (Organic-Robot), 2008

After the success of the MOOC “Elles font l’art”, which gathered more than 42,000 registrations in 2021, the Centre Pompidou is launching on October 10, 2022 a MOOC on ecology in art.

In 5 sequences, this free online course, open to all, offers a thematic path presenting the different ecological practices at work among artists, from 1960 to today.

From the practice of recovery and recycling to a new look at the living, from the involvement in artistic and militant performances to the emergence of a different perception of the act of creation, environmental issues have been present in the work of many artists since the 1960s and now occupy a decisive place, contributing to redefine the very horizon of contemporary art.

Based on the collections of the Musée National d’Art Moderne, the specialists draw up an account of the ecology of contemporary art:

Lauranne Germond
Director of COAL,
Marie-Ange Brayer
(Curator of the Centre Pompidou’s Prospective Design and Innovation Department), Christine Macel (Curator of the Contemporary Creation Department of the Centre Pompidou) Olivier Zeitoun (Curator of the service Design prospective and innovation of the Centre Pompidou), Elisa Hervelin Fedeli (Lecturer at the Centre Pompidou),
Bénédicte Ramade
(Teaching professor at UQAM).

Punctuated by quizzes, videos and activities, the five sequences of this MOOC cover the following topics

1 – Introduction: From the Sense of Nature to Ecological Art (from the 19th century to 1945)
2 – The art of waste
3 – Art with nature
4 – Activist art
5 – The art of living: biotechnology

Free, online, open to all without pre-requisites, the courses take place from October 10, 2022 to December 31, 2022. A certificate of completion is given to each participant at the end of the MOOC.


On the occasion of the launch of the MOOC “Art and Ecology”, the Centre Pompidou proposed on Monday, October 10, 2022 an evening dedicated to the place of ecology in modern and contemporary art. A 45-minute guided tour offered first to (re)discover the collections of the Musée national d’art moderne through an itinerary “Art and environment”. This meeting then brought together the interventions of Camille Etienne (On est prêt), Bénédicte Ramade (author of ‘Vers un art antropocène’), Maria Stavrinaki (curator of the exhibition “l’Âge atomique”, Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris) and Frank Perrin, Gilles Coudert and François Combin (series “Klash! L’art en acte”).


Center Pompidou
Center Pompidou

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Meeting between Andrea Olga Mantovani and Baptiste Morizot

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