Professional workshop – ArtCOP21

Professional workshop – ArtCOP21

For the COP21, COAL, On the Move, Julie’s Bicycle and IFACCA are bringing together nearly 150 international actors from more than 25 countries to define the conditions for a better integration of sustainable development in the cultural sector.

This workshop is based on a series of previous studies and international recommendations. Based on an exchange of good practices, the Professional Workshop aims to strengthen inter-sectoral and multi-stakeholder dialogues.

It also aims to highlight the need for targeted public sector support and funding mechanisms to ensure the cultural sector’s leadership in sustainable development.


Facilitate a direct dialogue between public policy makers and private partners (arts councils, ministries, local authorities, foundations etc.) and the cultural/artistic sector in order to exchange on cultural and artistic policies, devices and practices integrating sustainable development and environmental sustainability in France, in Europe and internationally;

– To highlight partnerships involving actors of different nature (institutions, civil society organizations, governmental structures, etc.), coming from various fields of activity (art, research, science) and workingin various contexts (local, regional, national, international, etc.)

Recognize and support the role of actors in the artistic and cultural sector working on these issues of environmental sustainability and, more broadly, of sustainable development, in order to support these initiatives through appropriate support and funding mechanisms;

Disseminate a final document of common commitments from the Professional Workshop participants and stakeholder organizations at the ArtCOP21 Creative Parties Conference;

Produce an online reference and resource guide after the Workshop that captures the discussions from the two-day meeting.

This workshop is designed in co-production with COAL, Julie’s Bicycle, IFACCA, One the Move and in partnership withIETM, GALA and Imagine 2020.

L’Atelier also receives the support of the French Institute in China(Consulate General of France in Wuhan) and the following foundations: Europe-Asia Foundation, European Cultural Foundation, Hivos and Doen Foundation


Reference documents :

The Professional Workshop stems from initiatives and recommendations from documents produced by the coordinators and partners of the event such as:

From Art Report 34b, Art and Environmental Sustainability, an international overview, a dossier by IFACCA-International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies and Julie’s Bicycle

– The GALA funding guide (for projects linking art, culture and environmental issues), in the framework of the European project GALA-Green Art Lab Alliance

– IETM/COAL publication,
New perspectives
on art and the environment

This publication – presented during the Professional Workshop – aims to highlight practices in the sector via a questionnaire shared by COAL-Coalition for Art and Ecology and IETM-International Network for the Performing Arts. The publication will also include contributions from Sacha Kagan, Chantal Bilodeau, Marco Kusumawidjaya, Mike van Graan and Yasmine Ostendorf.

An event to be found on ArtCOP21


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