Interview with Loic Fel for the To face edition

Interview with Loic Fel for the To face edition

To face questions in two movements a relationship to our decentered environment: an exhibition, thought from the creation of the bag the Ghost Bag by New Relation and an edition, second face of the project, made of interviews of researchers questioned on our relationships to the living and the non-living, in the era of the anthropocene.


The magazine, with the same name as the exhibition, collects and unfolds the series of interviews heard in snatches at the exhibition. To Face takes up the artistic and philosophical proposal of New Relation to undertake an analysis and research on the theme of the Anthropocene. They turned to researchers who have made these issues their specialty. This publication is thus presented as a series of interviews in a form close to a discussion, crossing geography, epistemology, anthropology, sociology, language sciences and environmental psychology.

Loic Fel, co-founder and president of the association COAL, makes us aware of the repositioning of a human being in the process of becoming intimately integrated into the natural environment.

To find the whole interview of Loic Fel or directly on the website To Face – New relation

The entire publication includes interviews with:

Alix Cosquer (researcher in environmental psychology)
Loic Fel (philosopher)
Aurelia Gualdo (PhD student in anthropology)
Geraldine Le Roux (ethnologist)
Michel Lussault (philosopher)
Stephanie Posthumus (ecocriticism specialist)


New Relation has developed a new fabric consisting of fishing nets recovered from the sea (waste from intensive fishing tools), encased in Econyl regenerated nylon. Recycled and recyclable, this object is part of an evolving cycle, an open loop. By the way of making, it is a question of paying attention to the trace of the object: the idea of a before of the matter and a potential after.


The exhibition proposes a device to put in psychoanalysis the bag taken as a conscious subject. Around the couch on which it is placed we can hear fragments of interviews mixed with the sound of a recomposed ocean: these are the voices of researchers who question a decentered relationship to the environment. These words are relayed and communicated to the visitors who are witnesses and transmitters of this open reflection.

Site To Face – New relationship

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Artist/Designer : New Relation (Mattia Akkermans and Morgan Belenguer).
Editing and interview direction: Alexandre Parodi and Leonore Larrera
Curator: Léonore Larrera
Graphic designer : Alice Villiers

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