L’esthétique verte, de la représentation à la présentation de la nature, Loïc Fel, Éditions Champ Vallon

L’esthétique verte, de la représentation à la présentation de la nature, Loïc Fel, Éditions Champ Vallon

Ecology provokes a cultural upheaval that extends to the aesthetic experience. Loïc Fel, philosopher and director of sustainable development, analyzes for the first time this ongoing transformation.

Ecology as a science carries with it a cultural revolution: the end of the perception of nature as an environment, an aggregate of objects placed side by side, to approach it as a system: an ecosystem. Accelerated by the challenges of global warming and the erosion of biodiversity, ecology puts an end to the idea of representation of nature, original source of art for millennia, to replace it with an approach of “presentation” of nature, explaining its functioning, and revealing the extent of the impact of human activities on the living.
Art, media, advertising, individual sensibility integrate today this rarely analyzed “green” dimension. It is the history of this cultural change that The Green Aesthetic makes explicit.

The new “eco-systemic” approach inspires and triggers new aesthetic figures. Artists, urban planners and designers are now linking aesthetics and ecology through concrete creations: green corridors, ephemeral installations in natural materials, direct aesthetization of living organisms, in situ works in natural spaces, etc.
Gathered under the notion of green aesthetics, these experiences are related to the field of knowledge, technology and land use.

The aesthetic begins a mutation: ceasing to be decorated of the daily relation to the world, it translates as much as it accompanies the cultural change in progress: that of the ecology.

The author
Loïc Fel, 28 years old, is a philosopher, responsible for sustainable development in a large advertising agency. Doctor of philosophy from the University of Paris-1-Panthéon-Sorbonne, L. Fel is co-founder of the association COAL, the coalition for art and sustainable development(www.projetcoal.fr). He is also the organizer of the colloquium “Ecology: science, art and society” at the Sorbonne (2007) and of the seminar on the philosophy of landscape sciences at the Institut d’Histoire et de Philosophie des Sciences (2008-2009). Blog : ecologie-esthetique.blogspirit.com

The green aesthetic
From representation to presentation of nature
Loïc Fel
Paperback, 14 x 22 cm, 352 pages, 25 euros
Release date: October 30, 2009,
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