COALITION exhibition – associated programming

COALITION exhibition – associated programming

The COALITION exhibition, showcasing nearly 50 artists united to promote a new culture of ecology and living things, is enriched by a wide-ranging programming of events and cultural activities.

Image credits: Paula Valero Comin. Installation Psychogégraphie affective / Hommage aux plantes désobeisantes, 2020.

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, COAL is joining forces with the Gaîté Lyrique to present a major multidisciplinary exhibition featuring almost 50 artists working together to promote a new culture of ecology and life. Open to the public from 24 April to 2 June 2024 at the Gaîté Lyrique (Tuesday to Friday 2pm to 8pm and Saturday and Sunday 2pm to 7pm).

The question of transmission is central to this exhibition. It is complemented by a rich programming of events surrounding the exhibition led by the artists and hosted by leading figures in the fields of art and ecology, including three weekends of events featuring meetings, experiences, workshops and performances.

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HIGHLIGHTS: Three high points to bring together artists and thinkers on ecology for the COALITION exhibition.

Earth Day with the Centre Wallonie Bruxelles | Saturday 27.04, from 5pm

In partnership with the Centre Wallonie Bruxelles for the closing of the Nova_XX Biennial, COAL is organising a day of performance and encounters within the exhibition on Earth Day. Earth Day is an annual global event supported by civil society, where a number of events in support of environmental protection are organised and coordinated by the Earth Day Network. Organised for the first time on 22 April 1970, it now brings together 1 billion people in over 193 countries. This year’s theme is “Planet against Plastics”. With the Ateliers Médicis.

On the agenda: Jean François Krebs; Fabiana Ex-Souza; Michel Jocaille & Charlotte Sarian; Shivay La Multiple.

Marathon towards the future for Museum Night | Saturday 18.05, from 6pm

For Museums’ Night, COAL and the Gaîté Lyrique are offering a day of performances and encounters within the exhibition on the theme of Biodiversity and Living things. If the future has a history, it is being written today. Scientists, thinkers, poets, novelists, artists, activists and conservationists take to the stage of the Gaîté Lyrique to share their visions of the future. With its diversity of approaches and practices, where artistic, intellectual and scientific views intersect and respond to each other, COAL offers a free, accessible and inclusive space for expression. Each participant has 15 minutes to present his or her point. From these multiple visions, new routes and new paths towards a reinvented, desirable and chosen world may well emerge.

Carte blanche for a Nuit Blanche | Saturday 01.06

To coincide with the COALITION exhibition, COAL is offering the public an intense cinematic experience in the 360° room at the Gaité Lyrique, giving artist and director Vergine Keaton carte blanche for a Nuit Blanche immersed in movement, matter and life.
True gems of animated cinema, Vergine Keaton’s films have been selected and presented at the Cannes Festival (ACID), the Berlin Festival, Times Square in New York, the Centre Pompidou, the Museum of Contemporary Art in St Petersburg, the Ateliers Médicis, and many others.


Makesense was set up in 2010 to develop collective mobilisation tools and programmes to enable everyone (citizens, entrepreneurs and organisations) to take action and build an inclusive and sustainable society. With a strong following among young people, Makesense is based at the Gaîté Lyrique and organises meetings every Tuesday to mobilise young people around ecological issues. Together, we are organising two events during the exhibition, at the Forum de la Gaîté Lyrique and within the exhibition itself.

With the association Quota climat about Nature’s Rights | Tuesday 14.05

Eco-anxiety discussion group with the association On est prêt | Saturday 18.05



To showcase the projects of artists committed to ecology in the Paris Region, COAL is offering a selection of off-site activities on 25 May.

Nature Festival, off-site and on-site at the Gaîté Lyrique | Sunday 25.05

The programme includes a day of activities at artist Olivier Darné’s Zone Sensible farm in Saint Denis, …

Siesta Fiesta at Vive les groues |Saturday 02.06

Join us for Siesta Fiesta, on 2 June at Vive les groues, with artist Thierry Boutonnier and his project Appel d’Air.


Children’s workshops Unique workshops for 6-12 year olds on an artistic and creative approach to ecology with artists Capucine Vever, Louis Guillaume and Paula Valero Comin, in the KIBLIND studio, the exhibition and/or in the Square Émile Chautemps, opposite the Gaîté Lyrique (weather permitting).

Seed, life, shape | Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 April, 3pm

Workshop led by Louis Guillaume on working with plants.

These workshops will focus on discovering different plant materials – poplar wadding, stipa tenuissima, hornets’ nests – which the children will be invited to handle and shape together. By means of a moulding process, we create an identifiable shape that is essentially made from these materials. These experiments will be linked to one of the pieces the artist will be making for the exhibition, the body lying in seeds.

Botanical drawings | Saturday 25 May and 1st June, 3pm

A workshop led by Paula Valero Comín.

During a fun and interactive workshop, the youngest visitors are invited to learn and progress in the technique of drawing, through the drawing of plants. In reference to European botanical design and Chinese style gong bi which stands out for its finesse and precision of detail.

Imaginary marine cartography | Saturday 18 May, 3pm

Workshop led by Capucine Vever, an introduction to the cyanotype technique on the theme of cartography.

Discover the cyanotype process, a centuries-old monochrome printing technique. It’s a fascinating craft process, somewhere between chemistry and magic. During a fun and interactive workshop, children are invited to create an imaginary map of the seabed with the artist. They follow all the stages involved in making cyanotypes and leave with their own works.

The KIBLIND participative fresco on the aquatic diversity of Paris, for children

An exclusive “fresco-exhibition” on the wall of the “open participatory space” created by illustrator Camille Gobourg and author and illustrator Clément Vuillier for young audiences on the first floor of the Gaité Lyrique.

An ode to life, this fresco, the result of an exchange between Camille Gobourg and Clément Vuillier, presents two different styles in a dialogue that bears witness to the wealth of aquatic life in the Seine. Perch, pike-perch, seaweed and catfish, among others, will cross paths in this double wave. This work is an opportunity to discover an environment that is so close to local residents, yet often overlooked, by enabling the public to connect with the local environment through colouring.
Guided visits

For schools, two afternoons a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

For families and students at weekends.

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COALITION, 15 years of art and ecology
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