Culture and Ecological and Solidarity Transition” training

Culture and Ecological and Solidarity Transition” training

Training for the cultural sector to acquire the fundamentals of the ecological transition: issues, tools, methods, strategies and actions.

COAL has developed a participative training methodology to initiate a process of ecological transition and solidarity on the scale of a cultural institution. The participative dimension allows solutions to emerge more effectively and involves teams in the process from the outset, which ensures better ownership of the project. The initial “New Start” training course can be completed with “environmental and social assessment” and “support for the implementation of a transition strategy” training modules.



1. Exploring the role of culture and creativity in addressing climate change and environmental challenges

2. Understand and use the main concepts of transition and its scope of application, from internal operations and production to the impacts on the public

3. Bring together a range of case studies, research, approaches and practical solutions for environmental sustainability in the cultural sector

4. Enable each participant to develop their leadership and ideas

5. To develop a collective ecological and solidarity-based transition approach at the organizational level.



Our proposals for supporting cultural institutions in their ecological and solidarity-based transition are based on four years of work within the European Creative Climate Leadership program, in which COAL is associated with eight cultural structures from eight countries. This program has allowed the development of a training methodology adapted to the different fields of culture, and the creation of an important database integrating numerous good practices.



Our method follows the principles of innovation strategy through Design Thinking taught at EmLyon by Loïc Fel, which allows us to structure a constructive participative approach ensuring the best adaptation of proposals for each group of participants and their organization.


The “New Beginnings” training is organized into three modules, three levels of action:

Module 1: Integrating transition into the functioning of cultural structures
Analysis of impact factors, examples of good practices, existing tools and methods.

Module 2: Integrating sustainable development into cultural productions
Presentation of eco-responsible and solidarity-based initiatives in the cultural sector

Module 3: Adapting to change and anticipating the future
Prospective on cultural innovations and the evolution of the macro-economic, social and ecological context and its consequences for culture.



To cultural professionals in all fields of creation:

– Cultural places, museums, auditoriums, places of teaching, production and diffusion of culture.
– Theater, orchestra, dance or interdisciplinary collective companies.
– Networks, associations, funding bodies and decision makers in relation to the cultural sector

The institutions that have followed our training

National Choreographic Center of La Rochelle
Alliance Française Santo Domingo, regrouping the 200 Alliances Francaise of Latin America
Brittany Museums
French Association of Orchestras
National Dramatic Center of the Pays de la Loire
National Orchestra of Brittany

Loic Fel during the training day for Trempolino “Integrating sustainable development in the Site project”, Nantes, September 2020


More advanced training is also available for all cultural sectors.

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Featured image Thierry Boutonnier, Appel d’Air, 2018 (Julie Bourges)

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Meeting between Andrea Olga Mantovani and Baptiste Morizot

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