Loic Fel at the online workshop “Circuits courts / Le local dans les pratiques de création musicale

Loic Fel at the online workshop “Circuits courts / Le local dans les pratiques de création musicale

Tuesday, December 1st, 2020 from 10am to 12pm, Loic Fel, co-founder of COAL will participate in the online workshop “Circuits courts / Le local dans les pratiques de création musicale”. This online workshop cycle “Changing our practices” is organized by Futurs composés, a national network of musical creation, which gathers nearly 300 members on the whole national territory. The network defends the place of creation in the evolution of artistic movements and its relationship to the public.

For this workshop “Short circuits / The local in the practices of musical creation”, are approached the questions of the models of short circuits, articulated with the stakes of the local engagement of the musical creation and the ecological impacts of our practices.
These are all particularly sensitive subjects since the upheaval of our first confinement, which has invited us to rethink our relationships between artists, audiences, organizers and political leaders. As we will see through the stories, examples and reflections brought by our guests, it is above all a question of dialoguing on the representations that we have of the systems of production of the musical creation, as well as the inheritances which shape us and which we transform, digest, reactivate, each one in our way…


– Rethinking dissemination models and links between professionals
– To explore more and more varied relationships with the public, to make ourselves and them more active, to co-construct and/or act together
– Questioning our economic models and connecting with the citizen dimension (farmers’ relays, AMAP)
– Take charge, act in a field approach without waiting for it to come from above
– Draw inspiration from tried and tested approaches in other disciplines
– Do declarations, long-standing legacies, but also new specifications, and sometimes even selection criteria, change field practices?
– How do field practices interact with political intentions?
– The question of short circuits also implies thinking about the ecological impacts in artistic creation
– Developing a local action while keeping an international dimension: the current dilemma?
– How can you become part of the local fabric when you are presenting a creative project far from your home territory? The local relays, the preparation with the public on the spot, the impacts beyond the diffusion action.



Mathilde Bézard, Classical and Contemporary Music Officer, Department of Development and Artistic Cooperation at the French Institute

Julian Boutin, violist, member of the Bela quartet, creator of the festival Les nuits d’été

Michaël Dian, director of the cultural space of Chaillol, Arts en territoire / Hautes-Alpes, lecturer at the University of Aix-Marseille on cultural policy issues

Loic Fel, philosopher, co-founder of COAL

Loïc Guénin, composer, musician, artistic director of the Phare à Lucioles and the M![lieu]

Stéphanie Guillemaud, Project Manager, Culture, Sports, Youth and Associations Department of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region

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